When You’ve Got a Case of the Interview Jitters

So you were successful at the career fairs and advanced to interviews









But the competition is tough and you know that you’ve got to bring your A-game

Nervous Brittany INTERVIEW POST

You’re hoping that the mojo will come to you in the moment and that all of your fabulous skills will magically shine through

Selena Gomez Polished POSSIBLE 

But it’s only natural to be nervous

Jennifer Lawrence Hates Interviews INTERVIEW POST

Because you don’t want to be the candidate who comes off too formal


or too informal…

Robert Patterson No Responsibility INTERVIEW POST

You’ve got to find a balance between enthusiasm…

Hayden Panatiere Animated Gestures INTERVIEW POST

and desperation

Jennifer Lawrence you're perfect INTERVIEW POST

After all, everybody knows that you’re charming and hilarious, but what if they don’t laugh at your punch lines?


Or they catch you totally off-guard

really surprised INTERVIEW

And there’s only so much that you can do to shake it off

Emma WAtson Awk Response INTERVIEW POST

Before it just gets awkward and you feel like all you are doing is sweating

Sweating Like crazy INTERVIEW POST

Or highlighting skills that could perhaps stand not to be mentioned

jennifer-lawrence-eating pizza INTERVIEW POST

If these interview jitters are haunting you mercilessly, just stop where you are,

Lady Gaga You have to stop INTERVIEW POST

breathe deeply,

deep breaths INTERVIEW POST

And remember that as long as you remain confident,

you-got-it-dude (1)

come prepared,


and be yourself,

Emma Watson Cat Costume Weird INTERVIEW POST

Ok, maybe not that yourself…

Kristin Stewart Hair  strugglin INTERVIEW POST

then your awesome qualifications and superstar  personality will shine on through! Soon enough, you’ll be behind that desk.

Blair Supa Calm Intern Chair INTERVIEW POSSIBLY

Need help preparing for an interview? Schedule an appointment by coming into the CCO in Young 132! Best of luck to everyone!

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About Chelsea Spring

Hello, hello! I'm a senior at Purdue studying Public Relations & Rhetorical Advocacy, with a double major in Creative Writing, as well as minors in French & English Literature. Wildly passionate about innovative branding, the power of media, and fostering effective communication, I love writing for the CCO to help YOU make the most of our career center and the services we offer! When I'm not behind the desk, you can find me competing for the Speech and Debate team, or enjoying the fresh air around Purdue's beautiful campus!
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2 Responses to When You’ve Got a Case of the Interview Jitters

  1. Kaletra Dispennett says:

    Loved this. I am not even preparing for interviews and it made me feel better! Great “pep talk”.

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