New year, new semester, new you?

It’s a brand new year, a brand new semester, and a lot of people are starting off their New Year’s resolutions with full force.  We all have the best intentions when we make these resolutions; however, what usually happens is that most of them will be long forgotten by Spring Break.  So, instead of adding to your list of resolutions for the year, here’s a short term checklist to help make long term changes in your career development/semester.


  • Come into the CCO and talk to an advisor.  Start mapping a career path or talking about career/major options with our awesome staff!
  • Update your resume and your CCO Express.  Make your resume recruiter ready so you can land those jobs and summer internships!  When you’ve done that, don’t forget to upload it to the CCO Express so you are ready to apply for the MANY job posting listed there.  You can log on to the CCO Express from the CCO’s Student home page.
  • Check out career fairs.  And I don’t just mean the one your college is throwing.  Check out as many career fairs as you can! For more about career fairs, check out Job Fair Mania: What you should be doing to prepare for job fairs and Crashing a Career Fair.
  • Update your LinkedIn; if you don’t have one, make a profile.  It’s time to start networking with people in your field.  If you need tips and tricks to making a profile, you can check out Linkedin: An interactive resume or the CCO’s Linkedin Help.
  • Set a GPA goal.  Sit down and think about the classes you have this semester and what grade you would like to get in each one; make this a realistic and attainable goal.  After you’ve thought up goals for each class, put a sticky note on your mirror, fridge, or desk to remind and motivate yourself each day to work towards your goal.

It’s the beginning of the semester so you should have plenty of time, not to mention a three day weekend, to start working on this short list—you can do it!  Happy New Year!


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