Opportunity is calling: It’s job fair season!

There are 17 career fairs coming up in this semester; that means there are 17 chances for you to network, land interviews, and get internships for the summer or even full-time jobs.  In Job Fair Mania: what you should be doing to prepare for job fairs, you learned all about what you need to be doing BEFORE you go to the fair to be successful, but what do you do once you get there?  Here is a list of some things you should make sure you are doing during the fair to land those jobs:

Make a good impression.   You can do lots of things to make a good impression.  Arrive early, dress professionally, and be confident.  Once you’re there, smile, make eye contact, shake hands firmly, and introduce yourself—this is where your elevator pitch will come in handy.  Speak loudly and clearly.  Don’t fidget, chew gum, or bring drinks (a bottle of water may be acceptable to drink between talking to recruiters).

Don’t look for opportunities, make your own.  Being confident and proactive can take you pretty far.

Listen to the recruiter and be prepared with at least two intelligent questions to ask each company.  Good topics include: organizational statistics, company mission, client base, internship or co-op opportunities, summer or part-time employment, full-time career paths, trainee programs, benefits, hiring procedures, etc.  However, you should have researched these companies already, so ask in-depth questions that show you’ve done your research!

Pass out your resumes.  You should’ve brought a good amount of resumes with you, so use them!  Don’t be offended if a recruiter doesn’t take your resume, just try and make a good and memorable impression.

Network. While you’re in line waiting to talk to recruiters, you can talk to other students about the companies they’ve talked to.

Keep an open mind when talking with recruiters and always ask for a business card or contact information to follow-up.  After the fair, follow-up.  Send a thank-you note to your contact.

For more information, check out the Job Fair Workshop on Monday hosted by the CCO.


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