Spring Break Social Media DO’s and DON’Ts

Whether you’re heading to PCB, California, Mexico, or Ohio, this spring break is sure to be a fantastic break from all of the stress/craziness of classes.

Many of you will want to share EVERYTHING you do with your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter, but I’m going to caution you to think before you tweet. While you’re having a great time over spring break, here are some DO’s and DON’Ts for maintaining your social media.


  • Post pictures of you with alcohol, especially if you’re under 21. Even if you’re in another country, it’s still illegal here, and doesn’t look great.
  • Give updates on your hangover or how crazy last night was.
  • Tweet while intoxicated (misspellings/bad grammar tweets are not attractive).
  • Post videos that could show up on COPS or Girls Gone Wild.


  • Talk about how GREAT the weather is wherever you are. Rub it in. You’re friends at home will be hating you, but doesn’t that make it even better?
  • Post pictures of you and friends in new places and with new people.
  • Friend/Follow people you meet on break from other schools.
  • Take some time away from cyberspace to enjoy your vacation from classes.

Avoid Twitter Casualties and keep it classy guys. Have a safe and fun break!

**And if you’re hanging around Purdue for break, come visit the CCO. We’ll be open normal business hours all break!**


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