Summer Fever–Keep Your Focus

We can all see the light at the end of the tunnel that is summer! A lot of students are having trouble focusing on the end of the semester because of the excitement of all their summer plans. These students fit into a few different categories:


The GS WITH Job is a graduating senior with a job. In a few weeks, they will be graduating and since they have a job lined up, most of their focus and excitement is on entering the workforce. They know their grades are sound, and at this point, as long as they pass their classes, they will graduate and still have that job. Because of this, many of these seniors have a terrible case of senioritis and feel their grades don’t matter all that much because they’ve already landed that job. Having this attitude, many seniors will not focus much effort into their final projects and exams… they could jeopardize graduation as a whole by overestimating their performance.

Job Searching GS

The Job Search GS, as you probably could guess, is a graduating senior who is still searching for a job. They can be characterized as being franticly searching for jobs while trying to keep all their grades as high as they can to set themselves apart from other job candidates. These students often try to stay focused on studies, but find often find themselves putting off schoolwork for filling out job applications and writing cover letters. This can cause tons of stress the night before these projects and exams are due.

The Traveler

Students who plan to travel this summer definitely have a challenge staying focused for the end of the semester. Making travel plans or even just daydreaming about summer adventures is way more fun than studying. Because of this, however, many can let their grades suffer while they daydream. If the student is traveling with a university program, like study abroad, their grades could affect whether or not they go. If they are traveling to travel, their grades may not matter much while they travel, but when they return, they will have to spend the whole Fall Semester making up for their lack of focus over these last few weeks.

Whether summer means graduation, a new job, job searching or traveling, it can be hard to stay focused on the little bit of school that’s left. However, if you expect to make it past this summer, you’re going to need to find the focus on finishing this semester. But, this is the most important part of the semester! With final exams and projects, finishing this last portion of the semester is a key to your academic performance and shows future/current employers how well you can stay focused for them.

Keep strong and study on.

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