Internship Lowdown

An internship is a great way for students to gain professional experience in their field before they enter the real-world. This makes students more marketable and ensures that they will enjoy the career field they have chosen. Below we have outlined four ways to go about finding internships.

  1. Internet – Using the internet is a great method to look for internships. You can search keywords as to what you are looking for or you can use internship websites such as: CCO Express, Indiana INTERNnet, Intern Sushi or Intern Queen.
  2. Networking – As for anything in the professional world, networking is the key. Anywhere you meet people they could be your “hook up” for the internship or job you are looking for. It’s helpful to always carry your personal information with you when you may run into professionals in your field so that you can provide them with your information at the drop of a hat.
  3. Career Fairs – Professionals are ready for you to come looking for internships or jobs at career fairs. They will have all the information and resources you are looking for form their company in one place for you, all you have to do is pay their table a visit. Don’t be afraid of career fairs, they may be big but the opportunities in one place for students is endless.
  4. Classes – Some majors offer internship classes where they will help you find an internship in your field. Others are programs where you can participate in an internship with an actual company. Also your professors may have information on internships in your field, don’t be afraid to casually inquire with them.

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