#Twips (Twitter Tips, that is)

If you have a Twitter account, you probably have at least a basic idea of hashtags and tweets and followers. We’ll skip the basics. What you are less likely to know is how to use Twitter in your job search.

#FirstStep – Follow companies that interest you. They might have more than one Twitter handle. General Electric, for example has Twitter accounts for different divisions, but it also has @GECareers. Do a few searches to see if you can dig up accounts like this for your companies of interest.

#SecondStep – Use hashtags to your advantage. Familiarize yourself with some helpful ones. Looking for pointers? Try searching #jobtips, #career, or #interview. Trying to find an employer? Give #hiring, #jobopening, or #recruiting a shot. Hoping the employers will come to you? Tag #hireme, #needajob, or #unemployed to the end of your tweet. These are just a start. Dig around and find some hashtag searches that work for you.

#ThirdStep – Save your promising hashtag searches. For example, when General Electric posts a job they include “#GEJobs” tagged to the end of the tweet. Even if the tweet isn’t from their career account, the result still pops up. Save the search as a quick way to keep updated on openings.

#FourthStep – Tweet, retweet, and participate. If a recruiter is hosting a Q&A tweet chat, jump in. Have good questions and comments to get attention. If a job is posted that your followers might be interested in, retweet and share it with them. Keep your Twitter feed active.

#FifthStep – Keep your page professional. If you are going to use Twitter in your job search, be aware that you are drawing potential employers to your page. Put a link to your résumé in your bio. And don’t tweet anything you don’t want a recruiter to read.


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