5 Career Tips from Bond … James, Bond

With the latest James Bond movie finally in theaters, students are excited about it. Many themes from the movie are actually present in your professional decisions every day. See how 007’s actions relate to your actions in the professional world below with 5 career tips to start off your week!

1. Nail your elevator pitch. “Bond, James Bond,” is his unique brand that sets him apart from other spies. Do you have your elevator pitch ready for when you’re scouting companies to work for? You do not want to brand yourself the same way as Bond, but you do want to create a unique brand for yourself that sets you apart. That way the next time a recruiter or employer says to you, “So, tell me about yourself,” you can have a firm, confident and creative answer to reply with.

2. Show off your gadgets. Similar to Bond’s Bell Rocket Belt or deadly cell phone, college students always seem to have cutting edge technologies at their fingertips such as, smartphones, tablets and laptops. Use these gadgets to your advantage when talking with recruiters. Show them you know how to utilize all the unique features on your gadgets. This is impressive and shows you are interested in today’s changing world of technologies and may be a benefit to their company because of it.

3. Don’t forget the old fashioned way. Although Bond uses his gadgets a lot, he also leaned on his own craftiness. Similarly, the professional world requires your own craftiness to ensure you excel in finding the job or internship you may be looking for. In a digital age, it’s easy to use just your technological gadgets to connect with professionals but don’t forget you can always use the “old fashioned” way and it is still just as effective. Don’t rule out attending career fairs and meeting professionals face-to-face during your job search.

4. The clothes don’t make the man (or woman). Bond is one of the sharpest dressed spies in the business; however, you do not need to be the sharpest dressed student at the career fair to excel at what you do. It is important for you to feel comfortable in what you are wearing to ensure you feel great. It is also important to ensure that what you are wearing is professional and appropriate for the satiation. You will be the sharpest dressed student at the career fair if you are comfortable and confident in the clothes you are wearing.

5. Mingle more. Bond mingles in clubs, bars and casinos on a regular basis; however, we are not suggesting you mingle in exactly the same way. Step away from your computer and smartphone and mingle in person at career fairs, networking events, coffee dates and lunches. You can start networking relationships online but eventually you should also build a face-to-face relationship with them as well.

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