Soup to Nuts: Your Five-Course Job Search

Photo by Hotel Matsushima Taikanso

As we leave the Thanksgiving holiday break, food has no doubt been on your mind. You probably never thought Thanksgiving dinner had anything to do with your career search, but here are some things they have in common.

First Course: Appetizer

In a meal, the appetizer gives you something to snack on while you figure out what you want for dinner. Whet your job search appetite by taking on internship opportunities. These opportunities are the time to figure out if you like your field and to decide what you want later in a career. Look for full-time summer internships and part-time semester internships. Don’t rule out unpaid positions, which can add to your relevant experience and curiosity of certain career fields. Keep your eyes open for positions outside your field that you find interesting.

Second Course: Soup

Soup stimulates your appetite in the meal and gets you ready for the entrée. In your job search, the soup is when you network, look at job postings, and do research for what job you want to pursue. At this stage, you are getting ready to start your career but have a little preparation left to do.

Third Course: Entrée

The entrée is the biggest part of your meal, and is what the other courses have led up to. Your entrée is your career. This is what your internships and networking experiences have prepared you for. Enjoy your entrée, it is the biggest part of your life, and you want to make the most of it.

Fourth Course: Dessert

Dessert is a sweet ending to any great meal. After you’ve landed your job, you can enjoy the pay, benefits, new peers, and great working environment.

Fifth Course: Nuts

Nuts finish off your five-course meal. They are light, nutritional, and give you the chance to chat with other guests while wrapping up your evening. Once you land a job, you aren’t done with your career search. It is typical for people to go through career changes and job changes many times throughout their lives. Keep snacking – continue networking after you have entered your career. Always be working towards that dream job.


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