Grinch Prevention – Finals Week Edition

Grinch[1]With the holiday season quickly approaching, classes ending, and finals beginning next week, some college students have a habit of turning into Grinches around this time of the year. So, what can you do to increase your chances of being jolly during this home stretch to the end of the semester?

Take care of yourself – Yes, you need to study for your 8:00 AM exam tomorrow morning after you just had two exams today, but that does not mean you should throw all your healthy habits out the window. Remember to eat your meals, bring snacks, drink lots of water in between all those cups of coffee, and attempt to get as much sleep as possible. If you exercise on a regular basis, continue that habit during finals week; it’s a great stress reliever.

Evaluate your obligations – Just because your friends asked you to go to an ugly Christmas sweater party this Friday night, does not mean you have to attend. If you are overwhelmed and worried about finals and preparing for them, it is okay to evaluate what is more important. Many students also have jobs that will require working a few shifts during finals week. Again, evaluate how you will manage studying for your exams and maintaining your responsibilities at work, which might not leave much time for ugly sweater parties.

Family & friends – Friends and family are important figures to have during stressful times. Don’t hesitate to use them during finals week for a quick coffee break, some studying advice, or maybe a Christmas movie break! Chances are that your friends will also be looking for a study break at some point during the week, too.

Create your own traditions – Maybe you missed out on some of your family traditions while being here during finals week, but that’s okay! You’re in college now and living on your own, so it is time to begin your own traditions. Every year my roommates and I take the Sunday evening before finals week begins and have what we call, “Family Christmas”. We take time to decorate our apartment and exchange gifts with each other before our stressful week begins. Whether your new tradition is holiday or finals-week related, these traditions will help make the week more bearable.

Just another day – While the holiday season and finals week are important, remember that you have 364 other days of the year to do all the things you might have missed out on while studying for finals. You should never regret the things you sacrificed for your education, such as skipping time with friends or losing an hour of sleep. Your education will pay off in the end and help to land you your dream job.

Keeping these ideas in mind, you should be able to avoid turning into a Grinch this finals week! Good luck with finals and the end of the semester. You’re almost there!


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