Winter Break – Perfect Time for a Job Search

HH-and-BUFinals week will soon be over and then what will you do with all your free time over winter break? Begin looking for an internship or job of course! We have highlighted a few suggestions for using your winter break effectively in your search.

Know your strengths– Take a career assessment to guide you towards a fitting and satisfactory career path. This will help you see your strengths which will allow you to exhaust your job search possibilities and find the right jobs for you. For example, the Myers Briggs Personality Test is one all of the CCO interns have taken to help us find our personal preferences, which allows us to operate using the strength of this knowledge. Of course, upon your return to campus in January you should set up a meeting with a CCO Career Counselor to see how you can use these results effectively.

Find your interest – Using your strengths and preferences will help you narrow down your interest and job search so the amount of postings is not overwhelming. Think about these ideas: How far will you travel for a job? Do you want to work with people or alone? Will you have fun at this job or is it just to make money?

Prepare for applications – This can be nerve racking and stressful for many; however, with the right preparation you can make the process smoother and less troublesome. Define what the job requires of you. Have a CCO career counselor look at your resume and cover letter to ensure you are on the right track. Identify people in your life that you can use as references. Develop your 30-second elevator pitch. Practice your interview skills with a mock interview at the CCO. Ensure you have the right clothing for an interview.

Follow Up – It is important to develop a course of action after you apply or interview for a job. Follow up with a thank you letter or email. Ensure your voicemail is professional and reply to email or voicemail from the potential employer as soon as possible.

Hopefully with this short check list you will feel more prepared for your internship or job search over winter break.

From all of us here at the CCO – Good luck on finals, happy holidays, and Boiler Up! 


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