Can 140 Characters Get You a Job Offer?

Maybe. Twitter is burgeoning with companies and recruiters. Do a people search of tweet“careers” on Twitter. You’ll find General Mills Careers, Monster Careers, Boeing Careers, Target Careers, Disney Careers, Microsoft Careers, Google Careers, and many more. Just about every big company will have a Twitter account dedicated to job postings and advice on getting a job with them. If you aren’t on Twitter, you’re losing opportunities. While you might not get a job offer in a direct message, interacting with a recruiter via a Tweet or Twitter Chat might set you apart from other candidates.

If you are going to use your social media presence in your job search, follow these guidelines.

1)      Be professional. While social media is an informal outlet to interact, you still want to make a good impression. Don’t use slang or unnecessary hashtags.

2)      Mind your other Tweets. If your account is not protected, there is nothing to keep a recruiter from skimming through your other Tweets. Lock your account if you must, but your best bet is to not post anything that needs to be hidden.

3)      Keep your picture clean. Have a picture that portrays you as someone who would fit the company culture.

4)      Don’t waste their time. Make sure you ask good questions. If your question could be answered with a quick Google search, then do the search yourself. Good questions will help you stand out as a good candidate. Bad questions will at best be ignored, at worst, ruin your chances with the company.

5)      Thank the recruiter. Gratitude is always appreciated. Even over Twitter.

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