CCO LinkedIn Boot Camp Summary

The CCO LinkedIn Boot Camp 2013 begins next Friday! Are you ready to get your brand in gear?

The CCO will provide 10 challenges during the course of the boot camp to help you enhance your LinkedIn profile and grow in your professional development. When the boot camp is complete you will be able to show off your LinkedIn profile to potential employers, use it to apply for jobs, and even show it to your grandma! This week’s blog will highlight the rules of the boot camp and the individual challenges that you will need to complete in order to finish the boot camp successfully.

The 2013 CCO LinkedIn Boot Camp challenges include:

ChallengeSummariesSheetChallenge 1: Brand Yourself
Challenge 2: Professional Headline
Challenge 3: Profile Photo
Challenge 4: Showcase Your Education
Challenge 5: Include Work Experience
Challenge 6: Develop a Summary Statement
Challenge 7: Resemble a Resume
Challenge 8: Gather Recommendations
Challenge 9: Get Connected
Challenge 10: Skills & Expertise

Bonus Challenge 1, Bonus Challenge 2

Each Friday during the boot camp, a blog will be posted with more information and a detailed “how to” for each challenge. There will also be “bonus points” at the end of the boot camp for a few extra challenges that will be provided later on in the semester. These challenges will not be time consuming or difficult, you should think of them as more of a checklist for your LinkedIn profile and professional development.

IMPORTANT: In order to be considered as a participant of the boot camp, you will need to join the CCO Boot Camp sub-group on LinkedIn. Based on successful completion of the boot camp challenges, participants will be awarded one of the following badges: “LinkedIn Learner,” “LinkedIn Leader,” or “LinkedIn Legend.” To receive a badge for completion of the CCO LinkedIn Boot Camp, you will need to stop by the CCO during walk-in hours to have your completed profile critiqued by a CCO Student Ambassador. Drop in hours are Monday through Friday from 10 AM – 4 PM.

WhyUseLinkedInStill not sure that the CCO LinkedIn Boot Camp is right for you? Be sure to check out our infographic, it might help convince you to start using LinkedIn and join our boot camp this semester!

If you have questions about the boot camp, tweet us at @purduecco, write on our Facebook wall, or join the CCO Boot Camp sub-group on LinkedIn!

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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