LinkedIn Boot Camp Challenge 1 – Brand Yourself

Not familiar with the LinkedIn Boot Camp? View the summary here.

Join the CCO Boot Camp subgroup on LinkedIn to be an official participant.

The first challenge of the LinkedIn Boot Camp is to customize your URL. When your account is created, the URL will be a jumble of your name mixed with numbers. It’s a small detail, but a customized URL is easy to obtain and is a necessity if you want to put your LinkedIn profile on your resume or e-mail signature.

Step 1: Click the “Edit Profile” button


Step 2: Click “Edit” next to your current URL


Step 3: On the right side of the screen you will see a box that says “Your public profile URL.” Click “Customize your public profile URL” in this box.


Step 4: Set URL as your first and last name. If it is not available, try adding your middle initial or a number at the end. Don’t select something for your customized URL that is subject to change such as your job title or desired company. After you see a green check mark signifying availability of your custom URL, click “Set Custom URL.”

Note: If you have a common name, these some ideas of creatively customizing your URL from the Student Branding Blog:


Emily Smith (Public Relations major) –

Joseph Johnson (Middle name: Victor) –


Brad Moore (Business Management major) –

Amy Harris (Aviation major) –



You now have a professional-looking URL that you can put under your name on your resume, add to your e-mail signature, or even give to an interviewer over a phone interview. Congratulations on completing Challenge #1 of the Purdue CCO LinkedIn Boot Camp. Don’t forget to join the CCO Boot Camp group on LinkedIn to register. Our CCO Student Ambassadors and staff will evaluate profiles for completion of challenges. Watch for Challenge #2 next Friday on creating your professional, customized headline.

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