LinkedIn Boot Camp Challenge 2 – Professional Headline

Not familiar with the LinkedIn Boot Camp? View the summary here.

Join the CCO Boot Camp subgroup on LinkedIn to be an official participant.

Now that you have successfully completed the first challenge of customizing your URL, you are ready to move forward to the second challenge, which is to personalize your professional headline. This is the section in which you may be tempted to put a straight-forward title. However, it is recommended that you use creative and eye-catching descriptors to help your professional and unique profile stand out.

Step 1: Click the “Edit Profile” button

Step 1 Pic

Step 2: Click “Edit” next to your current Professional Headline, i.e. Senior at Purdue University

Step 2 Pic

Step 3: A box will appear with the option to Show examples, which may be help you generate a few ideas. Use of commas in between your descriptors is acceptable, but separators like those used in the good examples below are very effective. You can highlight much more than a title on your professional headline, so take advantage of this option. Need more help identifying words that represent your personal brand? Use the following: Personal Branding Exercise

Idea Generator, Implementer & Change Maker | Project Manager | Data Geek | Social Media Enthusiast | Coffee Lover                                                                                    Enthusiastic Writer | Avid Planner | Chaos and Clutter Eliminator | Knowledge Gleaner

Senior at Purdue University
Career Services Consultant

Step 3 Pic

Step 4: After reviewing the examples, you can also see what others in your industry are using. Keep in mind the use of descriptors that enhance a profile’s presence.

Step 4 Pic

Step 5: Upon generating ideas from examples and other profiles, customize your professional headline using compelling descriptors and click “Save”.

Step 5 Pic

Step 6: Complete your final edits by clicking, “Done editing”.

Step 6 Pic

Pat yourself on the back for completing Challenge #2 of the Purdue CCO LinkedIn Boot Camp. Don’t forget to join the CCO Boot Camp group on LinkedIn to register. Our Career Consultants, CCO Ambassadors, and CCO Interns will evaluate profiles for completion of challenges. Watch for Challenge #3 next Friday on your profile photo. You’re on the way to becoming a LinkedIn Legend!

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