LinkedIn Boot Camp Challenge 3 – Profile Photo

Not 100% caught up on your Boot Camp Challenges? Here’s what you’ve missed!

Challenge 1: Brand Yourself
Challenge 2: Professional Headline

No profile photo to amazing photo in less than 20 seconds, it’s that easy! A good profile photo will give recruiters a clear sense of who you are and let them know that you mean business.

Profile photos to avoid: Don’t pixelate, add effects, or add extra people/things to your photo, as these are not professional. You should stay away from full body shots, distracting backgrounds, and photos that make you look decades younger. Another common mistake is using a photo of yourself at a party or situation that is unprofessional. Keep in mind professionalism is the key when choosing your profile photo.

Below are a few examples of photos you should NOT use.

pixelated1 pixelated2 pixelated3

Profile photos to upload: A professional headshot or crop a photo taken of you in a different situation, are the best photos to use. Keep in mind to have the least distracting background possible, the least amount of your body showing as possible, and the happiest look on your face. Also keep in mind photos of you involved in your industry are okay to use as well (see 3rd example below). This is how you want recruiters and viewers of your profile to remember you; this is a good first impression for a job search.

Below are a few examples of photos you SHOULD use.

goodexample1  goodexample3pixelated4

A good rule to remember when choosing a profile photo: If you have to question whether it is appropriate to use, it probably isn’t!

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