LinkedIn Boot Camp Challenge 4 – Showcase Your Education

The default location for your education information on your LinkedIn profile is at the bottom. Just like your resume, this information should be at the top of the page. If you are still in school, and your education is hidden somewhere in your profile, the first thing you should do is bring it to the top.

The fields you can include in this section are School, Dates Attended, Degree, Field of Study, Grade, Activities and Societies, and a Description. In a separate section on LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to add courses you have taken. This section isn’t a necessity, but it is a good opportunity to showcase your learning beyond the title of your major. At a minimum, include you’re the name of the institution, degree (BA, BS, etc.), and field of study. Activities and societies are good to include, but they can be included elsewhere in your profile with more description such as the “Organizations” or “Volunteering & Causes” sections.

Include higher education in this section, not high school. The exceptions to this would be if 1) you do not have higher education information to include, 2) if you were involved and successful in high school in activities related to your current field, and 3) if someone respected in your field has recommended you under your high school diploma section.

Here are some good examples of education information (click on pictures for a closer look):

education kb education me

education ta

If you are new to the LinkedIn Boot Camp, view the summary of challenges here.

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Don’t forget to join the CCO Boot Camp group on LinkedIn to become an official participant. You are one step closer to becoming a LinkedIn Legend. Watch for next week’s challenge on including your work experience in your profile.


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