LinkedIn Boot Camp Challenge 5 – Include Work Experience

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The experience section allows for a great opportunity to display a wide variety of environments in which you have sharpened skills, rendered results, and engaged effectively. Many are often pleasantly surprised to learn that, like the resume, this section is not limited to work in which you have received monetary compensation. Remember, since your experience is different from your peers, even if you have the same major and similar involvement, the experience should specifically reflect your contribution & skill set.

Consider the following list to spark your brainstorm of the areas you may feature in this section: Paid, unpaid, experience with non-monetary compensation (e.g. tuition payment/reduction, housing), internship, part-/full-time job, co-op, leadership position, Board membership, relevant volunteerism, research, projects, abroad exposure. Although it is extensive, this list is not exhaustive, so don’t limit yourself to it if you can identify another noteworthy experience to make mention. Take ownership of this section as it is an important reflection of your skills, interests, and values.


Although you have a few options in the formatting style you’ll adopt, the key is to be consistent in your decision throughout the section. Your audience’s ability to read quickly and appreciate the clean look of your page is enhanced when you stick to one style. Begin each experience with the insertion of the “Core Four”, which includes Position Held, Company/Organization Name, Timeline of “Employment” (Start Month/Year – End Month/Year or Present), and City, State, Country (if outside US).

Institute one of the following format options that fits your preferred style:

– Brief, yet descriptively written, paragraphs with no more than 4-5 sentences 

Paragraph Exp

(Simply click on any of the images to enlarge them)

3-6 bulleted statements that begin with effectively, chosen action verbs  

Bulleted Exp

– Sentence or two that introduces experience, followed by 3-6 bulleted     statements that begin with strong, action verbs 

Intro-Bullets Exp

– Highlight accomplishments, skills, and/or outcomes prefaced by one or many headings, e.g. Performance Outcomes

Categorized Exp

You choose what to highlight and what not to highlight, as well. You have the ability to portray a personally crafted image to those who read this section. Keep in mind, branding is tied to the decision of what you share to your network!


The point of this section is to allow the readers of your page to be able to answer the question, “So what?!” The path that leads your reader to retrieve that answer is directly connected to your reference to the resulted impact and/or accomplishments, highlighted in either paragraph or bulleted form. You’ve missed the boat if you focus on all the duties you and 1,000 other interns were hired to perform, instead of honing in on the customized contribution and impactful interactions you initiated and maximized. Leave your readers pausing for a moment to think, “Wow!”, “That’s cool!”, “Very impressive!” not “So what?!” Remember that the use of relevant keywords is critical, considering the increased use of keyword loading in databases by companies to match the best candidates.

Now that you have completed Challenge 5, you are officially halfway complete with this Boot Camp! Your brand is almost in gear, so hang in there! See graphic below to learn how to earn cool, LinkedIn Badges to distinguish your progress throughout this process and increase your motivation to finish all 10 challenges! 

Badges Graphic

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