LinkedIn Boot Camp Challenge 6 – Develop a Summary Statement

It’s never to late to join the LinkedIn Boot Camp!  You can view the summary here or go back to the LinkedIn Boot Camp page of the Purdue CCO Blog to get started.

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While this challenge may quite possibly be the toughest of the CCO’s LinkedIn Boot Camp, developing a solid summary statement will better prepare you for your job search, particularly interviews.

Think of a summary statement as a reflection of who you are – what skills you have to offer, the achievements you have accomplished and the direction you are headed. It should resemble – slightly – a cover letter that is specifically tailored for your career. If done well, this section of your LinkedIn profile should provide potential employers a glimpse of your personality as well.


The summary statement takes time to develop. Not many students have truly reflected on how to showcase their skills and accomplishments and can tap it out on the keyboard in fifteen minutes. However, if you completed LinkedIn Boot Camp Challenge 2, you’ve already done some of the work. Refer to the Personal Branding Exercise used in Challenge 2 to get you started. Remember, your brand should remain consistent throughout your LinkedIn profile.

Not sure where to start after reflecting on your personal branding worksheet? Think of the top three things you would want an employer to know about you. Are your technical skills out of this world? Do you have a flair for the written word? Can you balance multiple projects while always keeping deadlines? Showcase your top three talents or accomplishments by providing examples of how you’ve acquired them. From there, you can tweak the overall summary by adding relevant information such as a short introduction of yourself and what type of opportunities you are seeking.


There is not an ideal length for your summary statement. The key is to make it your own. Short, concise and to the point? Descriptive, thorough and a bit verbose? Sticking with the style that reflects your brand will provide that glimpse of your personality that can be difficult to demonstrate in written form.

Formatting your summary statement should reflect the rest of your LinkedIn profile. Whether you choose short blocks of text for easy reading or provide information in bullet points is up to you, however the overall style of your LinkedIn profile should remain consistent, just like your brand.


After you’ve written your summary statement, don’t hesitate to come in to the CCO to get some feedback. The CCO Student Ambassadors are prepared to provide feedback just like they would for resumes and cover letters. Drop in to the CCO Office in Young Hall 132 any time from 10:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday for feedback on your LinkedIn Profile. You will be provided with the solid feedback on how to improve your profile or earn your LinkedIn Learner Badge!

*Editor’s Note: Since this blog’s publication, the CCO has moved to Young Hall 132*


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