So, you want to be our next Marketing Intern?

Meet our current marketing intern and learn what it takes to be successful.Marketing-Intern-Infographic---Revision-2

Name: Kristina Bender
Major: PR and Advertising, Art and Design
Year: Senior
Interests: Traveling, drawing, singing, volunteering

1. What’s a typical day in your internship?
This rock star comes in with her cup of coffee, ready to take on the day. I turn on my Spotify station, check my email, and I chat with the rest of the amazing intern team. I look at my work from the week before with fresh eyes and make revisions to my graphics. I make lots of event flyers, work on our LinkedIn Boot Camp campaign, and revamp old branding materials to give the CCO a sleeker brand image. Then I participate in a weekly meeting with the Marketing, Media, & Branding team. After the meeting I work on expanding my skill set by assisting with social media and writing blog posts. My newest hobby for the internship is making infographics. My new motto is ‘If an infographic isn’t the correct answer then you’re not asking the right question!’

2. What does it take to be a successful Marketing Intern?
It takes making the position your own. A lot of marketing internships I’ve had have had very general job descriptions. They expect you to bring your personality into your job. With this position I brought in the design aspect of things, which was not part of the original job description. I just thought that this strength of mine would be beneficial to the office and to delivering our messages to students. Remember that creative ideas can come from anyone anywhere. Even if someone doesn’t know the details of your project, talking out the design and message with them can bring you creative inspiration.

3. Do you have pointers for students interested in this internship?
Consider creativity. Do you enjoy being creative? Does creativity come easily to you? Do you want to be creative every day? Creativity isn’t just design, it’s copywriting or art direction or marketing planning. If you are looking to work in a creative field, this position is for you.

4. What are your suggestions for a successful interview?
First of all, be yourself. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, just be natural. Second, bring sample work with you – a press release, a portfolio, or any work you are proud of. Third, watch body language. You can learn a lot about the interviewers based on what they are saying with body language. Tweak your body language and replies to the situation.

Interested in being the 2013-2014 Marketing Intern? You will need a cover letter and resume to apply. Apply to Position 752933 on CCO Express by April 1, 2013. Contact Veronica at with questions.



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