So, you want to be our next Media Intern?

Media-Intern-2We asked our current Media Intern, senior Rachel Bayless the inside scoop about the position!

Name: Rachel Bayless
Major: Ag. Econ Sales & Marketing
Year: Senior
Interest: Baking with the interns, Studying, Volunteering, and Writing

1. What is a typical day in the office like for you?
“When I come into the office in the morning I check our social media pages by replying to comments and publishing fresh career advice on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, and Pinterest pages. Then, I attend our weekly intern staff meeting where the interns bounce creative ideas off of each other and ensure we are marketing the CCO services and events to the best of our abilities. This semester, I decided I wanted to expand my creative abilities and so I learned how to use Adobe Creative Suite. After lunch, I enjoy practicing my new graphic design abilities and publishing them to our social media platforms.”

2. How would you describe the culture and work environment of the CCO and the Marketing, Media & Branding Intern team?
“I feel as though our team has become very friendly and close as we have been collaborating together this school year. This internship gives me the opportunity to self-manage and prioritize my tasks accordingly. Laid back supervision emphasizes the importance of being a self-starter and meeting deadlines. As for dress, we dress in “student casual.” I think it’s important to keep in mind that while we are not required to dress professional in the office, employers are around the office and every day is a chance to make a good impression to a professional connection.”

3. What makes your intern position different from the student ambassador position?
“While our intern team interacts with the student body we don’t have direct face-to-face interaction the same way the ambassadors do. We interact with students through our social media platforms by maintaining conversations about career related issues and events. We work somewhere between 12-15 hours a week in a combination of working remotely and in the office. We also don’t directly answer questions or critique resumes, cover letters, and other student materials as the ambassadors do.”

4. Do you have tips for the interview process?
“First, make sure you bring samples of your work to the interview. I brought a previous marketing plan I had written to my interview for this position last spring. Work samples help validate your qualifications for the position. Keep in mind that these work samples can be anything from previous internship experience work, design projects, or a class paper you’re proud of. Second, you did not hear this from me but, both of the intern supervisors LOVE Twix candy bars!”

Ready to apply?
You will need a resume and cover letter to apply for this position on CCO Express. The position is #752932 and you will need to apply no later than April 1. Need help with your resume or cover letter? Stop by the CCO walk-in hours Monday-Friday from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM for some pointers!

For questions about the Media Intern position, please contact Claudine Meilink at



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