LinkedIn Boot Camp Challenge 9 – Get Connected

It’s never too late to join the CCO LinkedIn Boot Camp!  You can view the summary here or go back to the LinkedIn Boot Camp page of the Purdue CCO blog to get started.

Join the CCO Boot Camp subgroup on LinkedIn to be an official participant for the chance to win CCO gear and other prizes.

One of the most important ways to utilize LinkedIn is through the groups feature. LinkedIn groups allow users to have a discussion and job board for industry-specific questions, advice, etc. Joining groups also expands your network to include group members that you can connect with.

Most students join their colleges’ group as well as their alumni groups. It can be very beneficially as an undergrad to join the alumni group and network with alumni in your field early on.

Another good thing to do is to join groups that are in your career interests. You can join as many groups as you like (up to 50 groups and an additional 50 subgroups) and can always leave them later if you choose a different path, so don’t be shy. If you aren’t 100% sure on your career path, reading the discussions or even posting questions in these groups can be a great way to learn what the job is like and if it fits you.

I had the experience of posting a question about what major would lead me where I was trying to get in my career and ended up having many replies on the group and a direct message from a group member about my question. That direct message led to an informational interview about my field and me gaining a mentor for my career. Great opportunities can come from being in industry or interest groups.

This week, your task is to join 10 groups! These should be appropriate to your major, industry, personal interests and/or profile goals. (Hopefully you’re already a member of the Purdue CCO and LinkedIn Boot Camp groups so that’s already 2!)
Having trouble? Visit the CCO in YONG 132 during walk-in hours – Monday-Friday 10am-4pm – to have an ambassador, intern, or career counselor take a look at your profile.

*Editor’s Note: Since this blog’s publication, the CCO has moved to Young Hall 132*

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