LinkedIn Boot Camp – Bonus Challenge

It’s never too late to join the CCO LinkedIn Boot Camp!  You can view the summary here or go back to the LinkedIn Boot Camp page of the Purdue CCO blog to get started.

Join the CCO Boot Camp subgroup on LinkedIn to be an official participant for the chance to win CCO gear and other prizes.

This week’s extra challenges are bonus points that you can earn by adding finishing touches to your newly developed LinkedIn profile.

1. Join groups. Joining groups is an excellent way to stay in the loop in your industry and with possible future employers. Groups you should consider joining include, associations to your major/profession, personal interests, and profile goals.

2. Follow companies. Following companies will allow you to again stay in the loop as to what’s going on in your professional realm and also see what those companies are up too. Companies you should consider following include, target companies you work for, companies you have worked for and schools or universities you have attended.

Having trouble or just have LinkedIn questions? Visit the Purdue CCO office in YONG 132 during walk-in hours – Monday-Friday 10am-4pm – to have an ambassador, intern, or career counselor take a look at your profile.

*Editor’s Note: Since this blog’s publication, the CCO has moved to Young Hall 132*


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