LinkedIn Boot Camp Challenge 10 – Skills & Expertise

It’s never too late to join the CCO LinkedIn Boot Camp! You can view the summary here or go back to the LinkedIn Boot Camp page of the Purdue CCO blog to get started.

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One of the more effective ways to sell yourself as the correct candidate for the position is by highlighting your skills and expertise throughout your LinkedIn profile. This will show employers that not only do you have these skills but you have used them in all aspects of your professional development.

First, as you carefully craft your summary statement you should be sure to mention your skills and expertise and how they apply to your professional development thus far. Here are some good examples of how you could include your skills and expertise in your summary statement.

I am a passionate, organized, and forward-thinking communication student always striving to go the extra mile both personally and professionally. I thrive on new opportunities and experiences in which I can grow and make a lasting impact on people’s lives.”

“My previous internship and work experiences have been opportunities to demonstrate my capability to work as a diligent self-starter, competent collaborator, and most importantly a results-getter.”

“During my time at Purdue, I developed strong public speaking, professional communication, and customer service skills as a student ambassador to the Center for Career Opportunities.”

Next, you will want to be sure that you highlight your skills and expertise in each individual job experience you list on your profile. This is very simple and I have always used this type of formula when crafting my job descriptions and accomplishments.

Power Verb + Skills & Expertise + What You Accomplished

Here are a few examples of what your summaries could look like.

“Composed newsletters for web and e-mail distribution to 4,000+ students and advisors”

“Worked with the Pearson Technology Group marketing team to assist in aspects of marketing, social media, and public relations for the professional and personal computing brands”

The most important thing to keep in mind about this week’s challenge is that you can never highlight your skills and expertise in your profile too much. Sell yourself and show your future employers that you know how to highlight what you’ve got!

Having trouble or just have LinkedIn questions? Visit the Purdue CCO office in YONG 132 during walk-in hours – Monday-Friday 10am-4pm – to have an ambassador, intern, or career counselor take a look at your profile.

*Editor’s Note: Since this blog’s publication, the CCO has moved to Young Hall 132*


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