Things We Learned In College

11780_10151711726498296_893116812_nAs my co-worker Rachel Bayless and I were thinking of what to post for our last blog as college students at Purdue University, we decided to sum up all the things we learned in college into 8 cold hard facts.

1. People Aren’t All the Same – Everyday you will encounter people you don’t like. The important thing to remember is that these people are the minority and you’ll meet a lot of great people to make up for it.

2. Group Work Stinks – Let’s face it, nobody likes group work. People don’t pull their weight and you all get the same grade regardless. What you have to remember is that life isn’t always fair and group work is part of the real world. Learn to embrace group work and others work ethic and you will go far.

3. Purdue Tuition is High – Yes tuition is high and you probably had to take out lots of college loans to attend school. The important thing to remember is that the value of your degree is higher. Your Purdue degree will help you find a job after college and you will soon pay off those loans.

4. All-Nighters are Exhausting – While most college students think all-nighters are a way of life, our suggestion is to stray away from these as much as possible. Getting adequate sleep, good nutrition, and exercise (even just walking to class), will help you be more productive during the day time hours so that you can go to bed at a reasonable time.

5. Some Professors are Mean – Everybody likes the professors that give you the easy A and those professors are great, of course. However, the ones that make you work for the grade, are the ones who are going to teach you the most. Embrace those hard classes and mean professors, you might remember them the most.

6. Be a Party Animal – What’s college without the occasional get-together with friends? Don’t take college so seriously that you forget to make friends, have fun, and try new things. Remember to put those books down, but not too often.

7.  Tweet Everything – Social media is a scrapbook of our college experience. While you don’t want to forget anything keep in mind that it can one day come back to haunt you. Be careful of what you post on your sites during college and remember to clean them up before search for internships or jobs.

8. Job Searching is Hard – We know it is, even with 12 combined internships, we’re still looking! Use the resources freely available to you wisely including the CCO Express (soon to be myCCO) and other career services from the CCO and within your college or department.

Thanks for letting us blog for you this school year, it’s been real Purdue. #BoilerUp #HailPurdue

Rachel Bayless will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Sales & Marketing from the College of Agriculture and a minor in Communication

Kristina Bender will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations & Rhetorical Advocacy from the College of Liberal Arts and a minor in Studio Art & Design 


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