While you were out…

Welcome back to campus!

Some things may have changed while you were off gallivanting across Europe or interning in Chicago, so we at Purdue CCO felt that it was our duty to alert you of those changes. For instance, the Civil Engineering Building pretty much vanished overnight,  the dining courts now offer a 7 swipe meal plan and the Purdue CCO relocated to Young Hall.

That’s right! The cramped little wing we all used to know and love in STEW is no longer home to the CCO. Instead, we moved to an office on the first floor of Young Hall (132) and gained the entire second floor of Young for offices, interview  and conference rooms.


Location isn’t the only thing that Purdue CCO has been switching up. The old CCO Express has now been rebranded to myCCO. myCCO allows you to search, apply and sign up for interview times for job and internship postings with companies recruiting on campus just like CCO Express. If you haven’t registered your myCCO account, you can find instructions here.

Remember, career fairs and job opportunities will sneak up on you if you don’t start preparing now while school is still taking off.

So once you orient yourself to the new options for meal plans and the new name of Civil, head down to YOUNG hall (right behind Krannert) and visit us in room 132. Drop-ins are still Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm and you can always make an appointment to meet with one of our career counselors at the desk for more in-depth career planning.


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