Pin Your Way to Success… What??

That’s right, Boilermakers… No social media platform will be left out in your job search this year! While you clean up your Facebook and tweet important career-related articles, you can also pin for various elements of your job search.

Your next question… What would I pin? Well, think about it. You need to know how to clean up your resume, dress for the part, and interview well; which can all be found on Pinterest. The great thing about Pinterest, though, is that it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. At our Purdue CCO page, we utilize our boards to showcase office decorating tips, inspirational quotes/people, and also how to manage post-grad life.


 Below are five ways in which you can utilize Pinterest to further your success:

  1. Create boards that are meaningful and organized. Being organized and intentional about your boards will help your followers follow the content that is important to them.
  2. Pin items that are relevant and avoid spam. Be sure to check the links you’re pinning from, often times they are dead links or contain spam.
  3. Follow industry influencers and companies you would be interested in. This is a form of social media that allows companies to express theirselves creatively – get an idea of what they think is important or even their idea of business professional dress.
  4. Keep it professional. If you want to have a party/cocktail board, that is completely fine, but be sure to make that a secret board – as recruiters don’t need to see the Bahama Mama you want to be sipping on the beach.
  5. Get involved with your university! We pin items that are relevant to our students and alumni – follow us to get access to the pleathora of information we share. Many other student organiztions at Purdue are utilizing Pinterest in the same way as a resource to students.

 If you reference the CCO Pinterest page, you will find that we post on a variety of boards to help you in your career search. Check us out here: 

Happy pinning!


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