Are you being safe on LinkedIn?

safetyLinkedIn is an amazing tool to use to better your career and professional development; however there are some dangers to using any online network. While LinkedIn is a type of social media platform focused on career and professional development, online predators are something to keep in mind when sharing any amount of personal information.

This is where I want to stress something that is hard for a lot of LinkedIn users: Only accept connection invitations from people you know and trust, or who have given you a personalized request for why they want to connect with you.

You may be thinking—wait, isn’t LinkedIn about connecting with people you don’t know and expanding your network? The answer is yes, LinkedIn provides a good opportunity for expanding your network, however connecting with individuals you don’t know who request you without a reason can be dangerous. This is where personalizing invitations comes into play. If someone wants to be connected with you that doesn’t know you, there must be a reason, and if they can’t take the time to personalize their request to give you their reason, then they probably won’t be a good connection for you to begin with.

If you are unsure of their motives for requesting you, try using the messaging option to weed out the people who may be connecting with you for ulterior motives, and NEVER meet people you don’t know in person.

The best thing to remember is if you ever feel uncomfortable with a connection, you can remove them from your connections and report them to LinkedIn. Be safe and happy connecting!

Check out more safety tips and tricks for LinkedIn.


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