What does it take to be a real-life Blair Waldorf?

Blair Waldorf may be a fictional queen of the Upper-East Side, but her philosophies and attitudes toward life are admirable. Do you have what it takes to fill her Louis Vuittons?

You have to have an end goal,

powerful woman

And mentors to help model your plan.


Speaking of a plan… you better have one, because destiny alone isn’t going to get you there.

making it happen

You can see great opportunities around every corner.

at work.fw

And when you hit a hitch in the plan, you don’t let it stop you. You just push forward.

Blair Waldorf - I get what I want gif

Because in the words of the queen herself:

if you really want something...

You have high expectations of others, which can get you into trouble sometimes…

high expectations

But your friends will always be there to have your back and help out when needed.

admit you need help

Now you may protest and think some of Blair’s methods are beneath you,


Because honestly, they are.


But that was the TV Blair.

rolls eyes

Being a REAL Blair Waldorf is all about having confidence in yourself,

best of the bst

and passion for your career.


Because you are the best of the best and you can handle everything life throws at you with grace.

being fabulous

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