Are You Catching Fire in the Office?

Do you ever dream of channeling Katniss Everdeen in everything that you do? (Don’t fight the urge to say yes). Now you can follow these Hunger Games stars’ advice on how to catch fire and become the victor in your job or internship, too.

Step #1: Come to work every morning with your smile

Katniss smile gif

And your game face

Seneca game face gif

Step #2: Show your work ethic and be willing to learn by taking on projects

Katniss I volunteer gif

Step #3: And when you’re given projects that seem daunting…

haymitch embrace the probability of detah gif


Stay focused, keep your goal in sight at all times

Katniss focused gif

 and don’t let the fact that something may be new to you get under your skin.

Katniss I'm Not Afraid Blog gif

Step #4: Find a way to be passionate about your work

Clove in love gif

So you can start receiving praise like this

Haymitch thumbs up gif

Step #5: Build a positive reputation in the office

haymitch make sure they remember you gif

 And remain consistent in your actions and values to become known for your reliability

Katniss I'll still cook you 2 gif

Step #6: Pay attention to detail and give every project your all

Effie Butterfly Face gif

But don’t get obsessive–leave your frustrations and violent tendencies at home

Katniss I'm not gonna kill ppl with a sack of flour gif

Step #8: Show appreciation for every co-worker and mentor who helps you to succeed along the way

Katniss Thank You gif

And finally,

Katinss May the odds be gif

Visit the CCO in Young 132 to schedule an appointment with a career counselor and learn how to best channel your personal strengths in the job market arena.


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