The Real World

1. When your boss says, “Didn’t you learn that in college?

awkard moments

2. When your boss realizes you’ve been consistently late to work this week.

first works start at nine 1first work staarts at nine 2

3. Learning how to use the copier in the office.

I have no idea what i'm doing

4. When my co-workers compliment my work.

I'm the best

5. When people ask what you’re doing with your life.

I don't know how to answer that question...

6. When your friends ask you to come back and visit them in college.


7. Successfully purchasing everything you need at the store and still having money left over.

I'm an ADULT

8. You haven’t seen your college friends in months.

life sucks, and then it gets better, then it sucks again

9. Your parents decide to take away their emergency credit card you’ve still been using.

Welcome to the real world...

10. Your boss tells you that you are going to have to work on Saturday.


11. After a stressful week at work and you really just want to call your mom.

life sucks without you

12. When you hang out in your friends dorm just to feel like you’re still in college.

she doesn't even go here

13. After working 40+ hours in a week.

how i feel about my job

14. All you want to do on Friday night is stay in and be alone.

whole place to self, what are you going to dowhole place to self, answer

16. When work is hard and life is rough.

dont go to the past

17. Everyone you know is getting married and having babies, and you’re still like …

having babies


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