Welcome To CCO’s LinkedIn Boot Camp Spring 2014

Have you heard that you should be using LinkedIn but not quite sure what that means? So you created an account, added some information from your resume and then – oops – forgot all about it? The Center for Career Opportunities wants to change that!

Why do you need LinkedIn?

Let the CCO count the ways:

  1. Network with Purdue alumni.
  2. Conduct company research.
  3. Build your klout – and your knowledge.
  4. Connect with industry leaders.
  5. Find a job! (Or internship.)

LinkedIn can serve as a great way to do all of these things – and more. However, simply creating an account is not enough. While LinkedIn provides great resources on how to build a great student profile, the CCO is here to help you get the most out of LinkedIn.

What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is a unique opportunity to participate in an online community of students and alumni who are also learning how to use LinkedIn to network.

“Wait. Why do I need to network? I just need a job.”

80% of jobs are found through networking. So, yes. You need to network and LinkedIn expands your network exponentially.

Active participants in the CCO’s LinkedIn Boot Camp will be assigned a LinkedIn Boot Camp Coach to provide feedback on their LinkedIn profile and assist them with proper LinkedIn etiquette to build their network. Notice…that did not say that coaches will write your LinkedIn profile. Using LinkedIn effectively takes effort and, while the CCO can help, you must do the work. We promise. It will be worth it!

Want to Join?

To participate in the CCO’s LinkedIn Boot Camp and be assigned a LinkedIn Boot Camp coach, join the Spring 2014 CCO Boot Camp sub-group on LinkedIn. Once you have requested to join the group, you will be approved within 24 hours. (Give us a little bit longer on the weekends.)

What’s Next?

Each Wednesday during the boot camp – February 5th through March 12th – a blog will be posted with information on how to improve your LinkedIn profile. Posts will also include examples and tips on connecting. So what are you waiting for? Join the Spring 2014 CCO Boot Camp and get started!

Need some more convincing? This video is a little bit older (2009), but it explains a bit more in detail how LinkedIn works for college students.

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