CCO LinkedIn Boot Camp Week 1: BRAND YOURSELF


Brand Yourself July 2013Welcome to the first week of the Spring 2014 edition of the CCO LinkedIn Boot Camp!.  This week is all about branding yourself – but what does that mean? Here are some things to think about:

  • What makes you stand out? What do you bring to the table?
  • What skills, strengths, and qualities do you want to market?
  • What would others say you are good at?
  • What would your answer be if an employer asked you “Why should we hire you?”

Yes, Linkedin is an excellent tool for networking, however, you should consider a few things before jumping in and connecting with everyone you know (and especially with people you don’t). Your profile and presence on LinkedIn are a reflection of what you want to be known for, or your personal brand.  Here are your challenges for Week 1 of the Spring 2014  Boot Camp to Brand Yourself:

1. Personalize your URL.  Personalizing your URL is part of branding yourself which could help someone remember you.  Example:  Do you have a name you use for all of your personal social media channels?  Perhaps you want to continue with that same memorable brand (only if it’s appropriate, of course). You can change your LinkedIn URL by editing your profile then editing your URL.

Here is mine:

Angela LI 2.       Use a profile picture.  Don’t leave your connections guessing who you are.  Having a photo shows professionalism.  The perception of LinkedIn users without a profile picture is that they aren’t proactive in networking.  Your photo should demonstrate professionalism, the industry you work in, or your personality.

3.       Create a professional headline. Your headline is what shows up when your name pops up into someone’s search.  We know your profile is going to tell us your current position, so why not use your headline to describe some skills or qualities you are great at?  You could also share a piece of your personality or traits in the headline.  This is what we mean by BRANDING yourself.  What’s your personal brand?   Keep in mind that your headline should reflect the skills and qualities in the rest of your profile, but we will talk about that in the coming weeks.

Example from a CCO Student Ambassador: Medical Device Engineer | Idea Generator | Success Motivator | Futuristic Enthusiast | Abstract Designer

4.       Add your industry.  Adding the industry you plan to pursue a career in will help you find others in your field as well as help others identify the field you work, or plan to work in. HINT: Don’t use “Higher Education” as your industry just because you are attending college unless you plan to work in higher ed in the future.

Completing these four challenges will help your profile get the jump start it needs before you begin your networking journey on LinkedIn.  Still have questions?  Participate – officially – in the CCO’s Spring 2014 LinkedIn Boot Camp by joining Spring 2014 CCO Boot Camp sub-group on LinkedIn. Participants will be assigned a LinkedIn Boot Camp Coach for help with each challenge.

Haven’t joined our Spring 2014 CCO Bootcamp?  Join today!

To participate in the CCO’s LinkedIn Boot Camp and be assigned a LinkedIn Boot Camp coach, join the Spring 2014 CCO Boot Camp sub-group on LinkedIn. Once you have requested to join the group, you will be approved within 24 hours. (Give us a little bit longer on the weekends – and snow days.)

Stay tuned for Challenge 2 coming your way next Wednesday!

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