CCO LinkedIn Bootcamp Week 3: Resemble a Resume

How strong is your LinkedIn profile?  This week’s challenge will push you to develop a strong representation of you and your experience.  Are you ready to have a rocking profile?  Here is this week’s LinkedIn Bootcamp challenge:


1. Showcase Your Education:

If you are currently working towards or already earned a degree,  include this in the Education section of your profile.  Be sure to include any minors, certificates, or study abroad experiences. These unique experiences make you stand out!

When you create a resume, you want to display your most relevant experiences at the top because people read from top to bottom.  This same rule applies to your LinkedIn profile. Does your education relate to your career path?  If so, move your Education section towards the top.  

Recruiters search for keywords when looking for candidates, so make sure you include your major in your profile. Doing this may also help future Boilermakers connect with you for potential leads. If you are involved in any clubs or organizations, you can also include these in that section.


2. Include Experience:

This section allows you to add experiences (paid or unpaid).  You can include as many experiences as you’d like, but if they aren’t relevant to your desired field, you may choose to not include any skills and just list that you worked there.  Why?  Your coworkers from a summer job you had 4 years ago are part of your network and can become your connections.  You never know when your network might provide a lead!

When developing your content for each experience, you will want to use the following bullet formula to give this section a punch:

  • Power verb + result or accomplishment; or describe what you or the company gained

Most people are able to use a strong verb and describe WHAT skill they used in a particular position, but MOST skip out on the most important part: Describing the result of what you did. How did you do it?  Why did you do it?  Including the purpose, method or result will make your experiences exponentially stronger.

Remember Week 1: Personal Branding?  You created a descriptive headline that promoted your personal brand.  Your experience section, education, and additional sections should reflect that personal brand.  Create your bullet points using words that describe the personal brand highlighted in your headline.  Your personal brand not only breeds professionalism, but it lets your connections know your strengths and what you want to be hired for.


Marketing Associate

Rozzi’s Catering Continental Ballroom

August 2013 – December 2013 (5 months) Kokomo, Indiana Area

• Designed brand materials for Cougar Country Cafe including menus, brochures, and labels
• Managed brand awareness through implementing social media strategies and initiatives
• Created event invitations for community distribution to 50+ businesses and business professionals

*Do you have a video, website, or other media file you would like to feature?  LinkedIn allows you to add a link or file to each of your experience entries.  Why not spice up your profile with visuals that represent your work?

3. Add Sections:

If you would like to showcase your achievements and involvement, you can use additional sections such as publications or projects for experiences that do not fit in other sections.

Remember:  These sections should somewhat resemble a resume, but you can expand your LinkedIn profile beyond the one page limitation.

Bonus Challenge:

Are you feeling confident with your all-star profile and looking for a bonus challenge? Start following Influencers and News on LinkedIn that interest you professionally and personally. LinkedIn will post news from influencers on your homepage.  Once you start finding intriguing content- start sharing it with others who might be interested.  Sharing gets you noticed!

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