The Real Best Job On Campus

1463915_10152459078024046_100493317_nPicture this: It’s a warm and beautiful Friday afternoon and all you want to do is go to a meeting at work. Sound a little far-fetched? For me it isn’t. Because I work at the best office on campus, with the best people, doing what I love to do. I’m a Marketing & Media Intern at Purdue CCO.

I’ve been an intern for three years and I’ve watched the program grow tremendously. It started with just me, being given the task of tweeting 8-10 times a day, posting on Facebook and writing a weekly blog. Now we have three interns, working with six (soon to be seven) different social media platforms, posting blogs daily, designing marketing materials for workshops and events, and planning individual campaigns like LinkedIn Boot Camp and #definesuccess.

But I can’t work here forever, mainly because I think my supervisor, Claudine, would give me a death stare for even thinking about not moving forward with my career/life. So now that all of our interns are graduating, we have the opportunity to pass on this amazing opportunity to three new interns.

What’s expected of Marketing & Media Interns today and in the future? We’re looking for three major things:

  1. Marketing & Media Interns are expected to work between 13-15 hours a week on assigned projects. The three interns will divide and conquer tasks; however they should always be ready and willing to help where needed. You should be creative and have the ability to take initiative and prioritize the tasks given.
  2. Interns should have some knowledge and experience with Adobe Creative Suite. Expertise is not required though a desire to learn more about design and the programs is. This position can be a great opportunity for interns to build their portfolio and strengthen their knowledge on the software. However, a lot of staff will ask you to make flyers and digital graphics for events and workshops, so you should feel comfortable working with design.
  3. Social media is also a big component of the position. Interns will be expected to have a strong knowledge of how to effectively use the CCO’s six (soon to be seven) platforms. Working on social media will require you to do a lot of digging for content and information that is career-focused and relevant and engaging for students. This has its advantages though, because as you find, post and write articles centered on career advice for others, you will inadvertently be learning the best and most current tips to getting a job, interviewing, writing resumes and cover letters, etc. Basically, you get paid to spend time learning about the best ways to get hired after graduation.

Working with the CCO has been invaluable in my personal and career development, and if you think you fit the above description, you should consider applying. Deadline to apply is MONDAY February 24.

For the full job description and to apply, log on to myCCO and search for Job #764920.


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