Making it through the Midterm Homestretch

Spring break is right around the corner.


 But one week of midterm exams and papers still stands in the way of us lounging at home or on the beach.

oprah like what

 No one can focus on studying with that bright sun out. Don’t even get me started on the slightly above freezing temperatures.

crumble up papers

 It’s already been a long and dreary semester, many students are having trouble focusing on the studying tasks at hand.

why'd i take out my phone

 But never fear, you can make it through this homestretch. Just sit down at your computer plug in your tunes and get to work.


 Get to work on those research papers.

didn't read for class..internet

 And get some good nights’ rest while you’re at it.

soft kitty

 Your midterms may surprise you and not be as horrible as you think.

jurassic park kittens

 After all, regardless of how they go, you get a week of (hopefully) warmth and relaxation to regenerate energy to get you by until summer.


 Find yourself bored during the upcoming week? Maybe you should update your resume. Stop by the CCO’s Walk-In Hours Monday through Friday 10am-4pm.


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