Spring Break 2014: Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Congratulations, Boilermakers–you can take a sigh of relief after making it through your papers and midterms, because Spring Break is FINALLY here! We know that while you may be exploring exotic locations or lounging in relaxation at home for the next week, Spring Break is a prime time for updates all across your social media. Remember though that spring break or not, you can still be held accountable for what you post. Follow these spring break social media do’s and don’ts this coming week to stay professionally acceptable, and still show off your awesome break.

#1: DON’T post pictures of yourself with alcohol, especially if you’re under 21. Even if you’re in a country with a lower legal drinking age, it’s illegal here, and still reflects poorly on you in the eyes of employers

PCB College Kids Drinking

But DO post about deliciously exotic new food that will have your followers drooling. After all, you can never go wrong with a shameless food picture #OmNomNom

Exotic Food Pic

#2: DON’T post embarrassing pictures of yourself doing…who knows what… with your new beach buds that will come back to haunt you later

Embarassing PCB Catwalk

But DO make sure to take the extra free time to connect and even network with new friends and influential contacts that you seek out or coincidentally stumble upon

LI Request Spring Break

#3: DON’T be irresponsible or make dangerous decisions (we want to see all of your faces safely back here next week)

Cliff Jumping BEACH

But DO try new things and be adventurous! Getting out of your comfort zone pushes you to open your eyes, gain confidence, and experience personal growth!

Scuba Diving BREAK

#4: DON’T blast Twitter with a storm of drunken chronicles of your day

Drunk Sunburn Tweet

But DO keep a journal and write a few sentences every day to look back on in the future and remember your college days with friends

Journal Spring Break

#5 Finally, DON’T spend your whole break tied to your phone, constantly checking for updates

Tied to Phone Break

And DO live in the present, soaking up every minute with family, friends, or a little peace and quiet, to make for the perfect spring break

Jumping Pic Beach

Happy break, Boilers!

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