Class of 2014 It’s Your Time!

Graduation is this week! we did it reese witherspoon

Bring on the celebrations

dancing brad pitt

Some of us have jobs or post-grad plans and are like

dancing lobster

 but some of us are still searching like


 Either way, we’re all grown ups now. Right?

i'm an adult

As we graduate, we can get caught up in having to say goodbye to a place we called home for 4 years and goodbye to the wonderful friends we made, and that can be scary.

lily cries

But if they’re good friends, we’re really just saying goodbye for a little while.


Pull it together, you have to look good in those graduation pictures

everything is fine

 Speaking of graduation


 Try not to let this be you

falling down at graduation

 I’m sure that big day will go swimmingly for everyone, and if you do trip, you could always fountain to cheer up.


Remember that Purdue will always welcome you back with open arms


After all,

everything ends sometime Plus, next year around this time we’ll all be like


 Happy Graduation Class of 2014!

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