Internship Spotlight: Taylor Doolen

Tyler_DoolenMajor: Construction Engineering and Management
Year: Sophomore

Where did you work this summer?
DPR Construction – Bay Area, California

What was your role?
Project Engineer Intern

What were your duties?
I coordinated between the DPR Interiors (Drywall) Self-Perform Work group and DPR general. My main responsibility was to ensure all drywall modeling (BIM) RFI’s (Requests for Information) were written, sent to DPR General, and responded to by the architect.

What were your objectives/goals/desired outcomes for this internship?
My main goal for the summer was to become more familiar with the commercial construction industry and learn more about different construction practices on large jobs.

Did you meet them?
Yes, I learned a great deal about a variety of processes in the commercial construction industry.

What part of your internship did you enjoy the most?
I most enjoyed all of the connections I made. There were several other interns that I dpr_constructionbefriended as well as a handful of DPR employees.

How did you learn about the position?
I learned about the position through talking with DPR representatives at the BCM career fair.

What was the application process like?
After talking with DPR representatives at the BCM career fair and giving them my resume, there was 1 interview a few days later.

Any tips for landing an internship?
Get experience in the field you want to go into and keep your grades up.



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