The Highs and Lows of Scheduling As Told By GIFs

It’s that time of the year again. Advising offices are crowded and students are beginning to plan their weeks around their upcoming scheduling time slot for next semester’s classes. Many of us are obsessively checking myPurdue to make sure the classes and time slots we want are still available in order to craft the ~*PeRfEcT*~ schedule for next semester, asking our friends when their time tickets are and figuring out back up classes to take in case you can’t manage to snag the 10:30 lecture instead of the 8:30.


And when you walk out of your advising appointment, and your advisor okayed your pre-made schedule that lets you barely get by, you know you’re gonna have a good semester.


But it doesn’t always go that well. Maybe she told you that you’re going to need to take 18 credit hours this semester (or for the next 3 semesters) if you want to graduate on time.


Either way, it’s time to figure out how you can lay out your classes to start as late as possible and end as early as possible. Oh, and you want to make sure you won’t be sprinting from EE to LILY with only 10 minutes between classes.


But most importantly, you really just want to make sure you can spend your Fridays doing this.


And when you finally plan out your potential schedule for next semester, and it’s perfect.


Or you realize there’s no way you’re going to avoid those 7:30s on MWF.


When you just can’t avoid those early classes, you still try to see the silver lining that is no classes past 1:30.


Many of us have our CRNs all lined up and ready to type in as quickly as possible when our time slot comes, because it’s most likely going to be a race against time to get in the classes you want. Unless you’re a second semester senior, then you can take your sweet time scheduling. #blessed


The time is quickly approaching and you’re starting to break out in cold sweats. You check the classes you want to make sure they’re still available. When you see that a section of a class you want only has ONE spot left, you know you must win.


So the second the clock strikes scheduling time, you type in your CRNs so fast that you’re not even sure you blinked.


Oh, and your time ticket happens to fall in the middle of your lecture. Sorry, professor. I’ll pay attention next time!


After typing in all of your CRNs, you realize you got into all of the classes you wanted. And you feel a giant wave of relief and begin getting excited for next semester.


But sometimes you have get the error at the bottom of the page, and you know one of the classes you wanted didn’t make it on there.


That one flaw in what could’ve been a perfect schedule just hurts. If only PAL 3.0 was a little faster. If only you had typed that CRN first. Oh, what could’ve been.


No matter what the outcome, you’re just glad the stress of scheduling is finally over. At least until next semester.


Good luck scheduling, Boilermakers!



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