CCO LinkedIn Discussions: Oct. – Nov. 2014

Here are all the Discussions posted on the Purdue CCO LinkedIn Group from October to November 2014. Enjoy!

1. Career Fair and Interview Tips from Purdue Alumni and Recruiters

Alumni, from experience, what advice do you have for students going to the career fairs and preparing for interviews?
Recruiters, what are some of the things students have done to impress you at career fairs or during interviews?


2. What is YOUR Dream Company?

Share your dream company to work for and WHY you want to work for them. Recruiters and alumni: see students identifying your company? Check out their profiles!


3. Things to do Before You Graduate

Students and alumni, what are some of the things you think students should so before graduating? Feel free to share some of your personal experiences.


 4. How to Research a Company Before an Interview

Students, alumni, and recruiters, what are some of the ways you would recommend researching a company before an interview?


5. How do You Make Your Day More Productive?

The final stretch of the semester is underway and workload is increasing for many students. Alumni, recruiters, and students: what are some of the things you do to get more done in less time? Read our blog, ‘7 Ways to Improve Your Productivity‘ for more tips!’


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