Before the Career Fair: Getting Ready

Planning on attending a career fair? Here’s what you need to bring and what to practice.

Step 1: Revise Your Resume

  • Make sure your resume has all your latest experiences, certifications, and skills
  • Come to the CCO during drop-in hours (M-F, 10am-4pm) and optimize you resume structure and phrasing for the job market.
  • Check out our Resume Series right here on the CCO blog for a step-by-step guide to resume effective creation and 8 sample resumes.

Step 2: Review, Select, Research Employers

  • Review: Take a look at the companies attending the career fair. A list can be found in your career fair handbook or on myCCO.
  • Select: Identify the companies you would be interested in applying to.
  • Research: Research the history, products, and available positions of your target companies. List out at least one intelligent question you would like to ask the company reruiter.
    What NOT to ask a recruiter →

Step 3: Think About What to Say, What to Do

Step 4: What to Bring

  • Enough copies of your resume, printed on resume paper
  • A slim binder, folder, or professional pad holder to hold your resumes.
  • A black or blue pen

Step 5: What to Wear

Check out Our Pinterest Board on Professional Dress

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