How to Navigate the Career Fair

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So you’re at the career fair, what now? Here’s how to navigate the career fair.

Step 1: Take a Warm-Up Lap

  • Walk through the fair to identify the location of employers you are interested in speaking with, and to observe the interaction between candidates and recruiters.
  • Know the order in which you would like to talk to employers. Consider speaking to your top employers when you feel confident and prepared.
  • After taking your warm up lap. Get in line to talk to the first employer on your list

Step 2: Talk to an Employer

  1. When your turn comes, walk up to the recruiter with smile and good eye contact, give a firm handshake, say hello, and introduce yourself. How to Give the Perfect Handshake →
  2. At this point you may engage in some small-talk with the recruiter, if the recruiter takes a casual tone, it’s ok to engage in an informal chat.
  3. Deliver your 30-second elevator pitch to the recruiter. Don’t get thrown off if the recruiter interrupts you for more information, just go with the flow. A conversation is even better than a one sided speech. How to Create a 30-Second Elevator Pitch →
  4. Ask questions about the organization and career opportunities. If you are interested in the position and company.
  5. Ask the recruiter for a business card, thank them for speaking with you, and make plans to follow up.
  6. Remember: Like any good conversation, your conversation with a recruiter will most likely NOT follow a fully predictable pattern. Try to relax when talking to recruiters and welcome tangents in your conversation.

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