Top 10 Job Search Strategies

1. Know Yourself

  • Identify your interests, skills and values.
  • Be prepared to communicate your skills and accomplishments to potential employers verbally and in writing through your personalized elevator pitch. How to Create an Elevator Pitch


2. Create an Action Plan

  • Create a list of target companies that match your interests, skills, and values.
  • Research each organization and the available career opportunities How to Research Companies
  • Take note of application deadlines and set dates to complete the applications for all your target companies.

3. Develop a Network

  • Attend company presentation before career fairs and throughout the semester.
  • Contact and conduct Informational Interviews with contacts within your target companies.
  • Join professional organizations that are aligned with your career goals. Many organizations invite representatives from companies to speak at their events. Use BoilerLink to find organizations to join

4. Obtain Experience

  • Complete internships, part-time positions, and co-ops relevant to your desired field of work. Find opportunities now on myCCO!
  • During the semester consider volunteer or part time work to boost your resume.
    For part-time internships during the semester, check out the high-tech, marketing, and scientific research internship programs offered by the Purdue Discovery Park.

  • Talk to your professors about teaching/TA opportunities for classes
  • If you are looking for an on-campus opportunity make sure you tell your academic advisor. Your advisor has access to a larger network on -campus and will be more than happy to help you if they can.

5. Be Open-Minded

  • Be open to possibilities outside of your particular degree field. Consider attending career fairs for fields outside of your own
  • Cast your net wide. Using myCCO you can apply to hundreds of positions. Your likelihood of obtain in a position depends on a) your professional profile, and b) the fact that you actually applied for that position.
  • Broaden your job search to a wider range of geographical area, roles, and starting salaries.

6. Consider Less Well-Known Organizations

7. Create a Powerful Profile

  • Clearly demonstrate relevant skills in a resume and cover letter. Check out our Resume Series and Cover Letter Series
  • Focus on the specific skills you can bring to an organization and the accomplishments to prove them when discussing experiences, as opposed to just duties and responsibilities performed.
  • Tailor your resume and cover letter to each position you apply to.

8. Build and Maintain Your Bridges

  • Periodically keep in contact with employers and individuals in your network. (e.g. send a monthly email to your supervisor from a prior internship.)
  • Send Thank-You Notes within a day of an interview or professional interaction with a contact.

9. Ask for Help

  • Don’t be afraid to ask professors, advisors, and other members of your network for job leads and advice.
  • Take advantage of the CCO’s drop in hours from M-F, 10am-4pm at Young Hall Rm 132. Need an appointment? Call (765) 494-3981 to speak with a Career Services Consultant and learn about ways we can assist your search.


10. Be Patient and Positive!

  • Expect 6 months or more to obtain a position.
  • Find other resources to find and apply for jobs when the one you’re currently using is exhausted.
  • Make time for other activities like studying, and hobbies. Know what and when you want to complete job search-related tasks, then do something else to prevent you from worrying about it.


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