What to do After the Career Fair

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After the career fair the recruiters will immediately start reading through the giant pile of resumes they collected from the career fair. Many recruiters will send out interview offers on the evening of the same day.
Here’s what you need to do after the career fair.

Step 1: Send Thank-You Notes

  • Send a short thank-you note to the recruiters who took time to talk to you that day.
  • Things to include in your note:
    1. Statement of thanks
    2. Personal element of your conversation with the recruiter (so they remember you)
    3. Re-statement of interest in company/position

Step 2: Prepare for an Interview Offer

  1. Keep your phone nearby and check your email regularly, particularly on the evening after the career fair.
  2. If you get an interview offer, be sure to read up on how to ace you interview here on the CCO Blog.

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