5 Job Trends in 2015

Faster internet, new technologies, and social changes are changing the face of the modern office and career paths. 2015 is looking like a year that’s going to seriously shakeup the workplace. We’ve listed 5 things to expect:

1. More Freelancers (Time.com)

A 2014 study by E-Lance, shows that 53 million Americans, 34% of U.S. workers are currently freelancing. A study by Inuit suggests that by 2020, traditional full-time employment will no longer be the norm. The study indicated that by 2020 around 80% of corporations will rely on flexible workers such as freelancers.

2. More Companies Hiring in Emerging Fields

The 2015 CareerBuilder Job Forecast suggests found that companies expect to add more headcount in emerging fields.

Top Emerging Fields:
– Cloud, mobile or search technology
– Cyber security
– Managing and interpreting Big Data
– Alternative energy sources
– Anti-terrorism
– Robotics

3. Less Cubicles

Employers have different opinions on what kind of work space creates the most productive, innovative, and enjoyable work environment. The same CareerBuilder report referenced above indicates that companies may be leaning towards adopting open work environments. The report states that 13% of employers are working to implement an open work environment.

4. Niche Markets Will Thrive

Since e-commerce became popular, there has been a virtual gold rush of entrepreneurs racing to serve customers with unique needs and interests. Websites such as Etsy.com have empowered hobbyists to make a career out of serving these niche markets.

5. More Marketing Jobs

Online advertising has become more and more difficult with a larger number of companies vying for ad space and people becoming conditioned to ignore those ads. A huge trend in marketing is ‘native advertising’, the marketing strategy of integrating sponsored content into a website’s normal content. Here is an example of BuzzFeed using native advertising.

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