Become a Guest Blogger for the CCO


Think you’re a guru on all things job search, resumes, and more? We want to hear your stories! With over 200 majors at Purdue, each job search, career path, and resume is different. Whether you blog once a semester or once a week is up to you, but the more insight you can provide us, the more your advice might help other students in the same field as you.

Why write for us? Not only will it help you become more well-versed in the do’s and don’ts of the professional world, but it will also build your writing skills. It’s a great addition to your resume, as it shows your interest in professionalism, and provides you some credibility in your field by creating insightful content about the job searching process in your industry. Also, getting it published on our blog (we are ranked as having one of the top social media presences for university career services nationwide) will make you stand out.

Ready to get started? Here are some topics you can brainstorm about:

-Resume writing

-Interviewing tips

-Attending career fairs

-Social media do’s and don’ts

-Getting involved at Purdue (however, we will not be promoting any specific organizations)

-Personal internship experiences

-Personal stories on career paths and how it has lead you to where you are today! (Check this one out for example)

Once you’ve finished writing your blog, attach a Microsoft Word document with your blog in an e-mail to Tamara Clarkson at After a review of your blog, we will e-mail you a response of when it will be entered into our posting queue if we decide to use it.

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