The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

What is a MMI?

In a traditional interview, the applicant and one or two interviewers discuss the applicant’s background, experiences and qualifications, and career motivations through a question-and-answer format. The MMI is a very different type of interview designed to gauge communication skills, critical thinking skills, knowledge of current healthcare and societal issues, and ethical decision making skills. Applicants rotate through 6-10 stations over a period of about two hours. At each station, the applicant is given a two-minutes prep period to read over a scenario and prepare a response before entering the interview room and beginning an exchange with the interviewer. At the end of the exchange (about 6-8 minutes), the applicant moves on to the next station and the process repeats.

What are some benefits of the MMI?

An applicant will have multiple opportunities to showcase their strengths. If the applicant didn’t do as well as they would have liked at one station, the next station is a chance for redemption!  The format has been shown to reduce interview biases since there are a number of interviewers interacting with the applicant and no single interviewer’s opinions outweigh the others.

How do I prepare for the MMI?

  • Practice expressing yourself to a friend or mentor in a timed environment.
  • Make an appointment with an advisor in Pre-Professional Advising at the Center for Career Opportunities to discuss the MMI. Practice traditional interviewing with a peer consultant at the Center for Career Opportunities. Learn more here.
  • Visit these useful websites:

What’s it Like to Participate in Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)? (AAMC)

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Process (University of Cincinnati College of Medicine)

Multiple Mini

Watch a video on the MMI created by Virginia Tech Carilon

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