Apply to Be A Peer Consultant for the 2016-17 School Year


When opportunity knocks, open the door.

Last semester, opportunity knocked and I opened the door. Taking the leap to apply to be a CCO Peer Consultant has been one of my best decisions made during my time at Purdue. As an undergraduate student and proud Boilermaker, I am always open to new ideas and exciting challenges. I enjoy immersing myself in projects and tasks that spark my interest and stir my thoughts. And overall, I cherish the opportunity to make a difference in my community – the community here at Purdue.

Prior to becoming a Peer Consultant, I had utilized the CCO’s services in regards to building my own resume and while searching for summer internships. It was during this time I learned that the CCO provides extremely valuable services for Purdue students, including resume reviews, cover letter critiques, myCCO assistance, job search advice, the career closet, and even pre-professional advising. The services they offer and the connections they have developed with many businesses in Indiana, as well as across the nation, continue to be beneficial in regards to students’ current and future job searches.

Career development has been a passion of mine for the past few years, and when I heard about the CCO Peer Consultant position opening, I was immediately interested. I wished to give back to the community by assisting other students who were preparing for their future careers, just as the previous Peer Consultants at the CCO had done for me. The CCO Peer Consultant position has not only allowed me the opportunity to give back to my community, but it has also assisted with enhancing my personal career development. Over the course of one semester, my knowledge of resumes, cover letters, and many things career-related, has grown exponentially. I have also learned that I thrive in the team-oriented setting that comes along with being a Peer Consultant. No two people are the same, and therefore, there is always room for potential growth every time the opportunity to work with new people is presented.

-Rachel Stowers, 1st Year Peer Consultant

“Working as a peer consultant is a great experience. It allows personal professional growth but it’s also an amazing opportunity to help other students of Purdue. It’s a wonderful feeling helping someone feel comfortable and confident about a skill they prior had trouble with. Being a peer consultant also gave me the opportunity to connect with other students at Purdue who share similar interests to me!”

–Megan Ley, 1st Year Peer Consultant


“What I enjoy most about working at the CCO is being a part of such a caring and selfless group that is dedicated to giving back and helping the students on our campus.”

-David Zarychta, 1st Year Peer Consultant


“One of the best aspects of working for the Center for Career Opportunities is developing my professionalism skills and networking with employers.”

-Lauren Almon, 1st Year Peer Consultant


Apply to be a Peer Consultant on myCCO with Job ID #798282.

*Students who can confirm they have financial need are highly encouraged to apply.

Want to learn more? CALL OUTS

6:30 November 12th

6:30pm January 19th

6:30pm January 20th

PHYS 203

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