Finals Week | As Told by Elf

There are few things less inspiring than Finals Week of the Fall semester. During finals week of the Spring semester, you are anxiously awaiting summer to arrive so that you can begin your dream internship, study abroad, or spend the summer at home with your best friends.

However, Fall semester Finals Week is a different story.  It’s cold, it’s dark, and all you want to do is lay in bed and drink Hot Chocolate while you watch Christmas movies or listen to Christmas music (maybe that’s just me, but I doubt it.)

Looking over class syllabuses and study guides, all the class reading you haven’t done seems to be personally victimizing you as you realize you’re going to be pulling a lot of all-nighters.



You’re mentally kicking yourself for not keeping up with studying throughout the semester like you had planned (even though it’s never worked out like that any other semester.)



You start to take your relationships with the baristas at the coffee shop nearest to your favorite study spot to a first-name basis.



When you realize that you’re going to have to get a 104% on the final to keep your A in the class, you feel a little piece of your soul break off.



But, when one of your professors tells you that the final is going to be a take-home exam, your spirits are restored.



You’re trying to finish all your food or use all of your meal swipes before you leave to go home for break.



All of your hours spent cramming information into your head has you feeling a little delirious, and you find yourself getting distracted by just about anything.



As you head to the final that you’ve been dreading the most, you wonder why you couldn’t just have one more day to study.



But when you finally get home, you are overwhelmed with excitement at getting some downtime to relax with your family and friends (and apply for internships!)



A week later, you open up MyPurdue to check your final grades like this.



Whether or not your grades turned out the way you wanted, a wave of relief comes over you as you realize you are officially done with the semester. You’re excited to relax for the next few weeks, and then you get to come back to Purdue and do it all over again.




Good luck on finals, Boilermakers!


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